Greenfield Bakers

Greenfield Bakers is a small wood-fired bakery in the village of Friskney Lincolsnhire. Stoneground organic flour from the Maud Foster Windmill in Boston, slow-fermentation techniques and the French clay oven are used to create a range of amazing breads with seasonal flavours.

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Rustic White

Made with white, wholemeal and rye stoneground flour

Rustic (shaped as  Cottage, or slashed boule) £2.80 £2.00
Rustic topped with poppy seeds, or sesame seeds or seed mix
£2.80 £2.20
Cheese & onion made with Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese £2.80 £2.20
Cheese & paprika £2.80 £2.20
Olive & Italian herbs £2.80 £2.20
Fruits & seeds ( cranberries, raisins & sunflower seeds) n/a £2.20
Cheese & poppy seed baton n/a £2.00


We are located at:

Greenfield Bakers

Friskney, Lincolnshire,

PE22 8QN






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