Greenfield Bakers

Greenfield Bakers is a small wood-fired bakery in the village of Friskney Lincolnshire. Stoneground flour from the Maud Foster Windmill in Boston, slow-fermentation techniques and the French clay oven are used to create a range of amazing breads with seasonal flavours.

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Rustic White



A blend of white, wholemeal and rye stoneground flours shaped, according to the mood of the baker into boules, scored loaves, cottage loaves . Large & small. £2.90/ £2.00


Rustic white topped with sesame seeds, poppy seed or omega seeds. Large&small £2.90/£2.20


Also seasonally:

Cheese & Onion (made with Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese)

Cheese & Paprika

Olive & Italian Herb

Large& small £2.90/ £2.20

Cheese & poppy seed baton £2.20

Fruit & seeds £2.20

Sunflower seeds & honey £2.20















Fougasse & Focaccia


Seasonal range of olive oil enriched dough

all £2.60/ 400g




Rosemary & Garlic

Olive & onion

Olive & Italian herbs

Fennel & garlic

Sage & onion

Tomato & sea salt




Cheese & walnut

Cranberry & walnut 
















Country Sourdough made with white and rye stoneground organic flours. Large & small, boule & baton £2.90/ £2.00


Multi-grain sourdough with linseeds

£2.60 for 550g















And more...

Wholegrain Spelt £2.60

Ciabatta £2.60

Malted Cob £2.20

Cinnamon & Raisin £2.20

Brown with walnuts £2.30

Beer bread £2.20




We are located at:

Greenfield Bakers

Friskney, Lincolnshire,

PE22 8QN






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